Alexis’s natural talent on top of her bubbly and cheerful personality won her a spot as the youngest female weekday-announcer at hitz.fm, Malaysia’s No.1 English hit station; after winning the Hitz Announcer Search 2015. Prior to joining hitzfm, Alexis had the opportunity to rover host some of 8tv Quickie’s segments and from which she acquired confidence and the rich experience of ‘stage presence’.

Clients who have worked with Alexis, appreciate her natural flair, composure and the ability to set the tone and build rapport with the audience.

Alexis Mag Profile

Alexis Mag Profile 2

TALENTS: With a ‘powerhouse’ voice, Alexis’s singing performance is one to be reckon with. Besides dancing, she also plays the piano and guitar.

SPORTS: Alexis had won numerous medals;  representing her school and region on track events. As a water baby, she swims and is an adrenaline junkie – practically anything that makes you miss a heartbeat!

PERSONAL: Weighing at 5okg and 171cm tall, Alexis is Chinese of Malaysia-Singapore parentage.