What people WOULDN’T normally tell you to do when in Japan


The delightable state of the art cuisine, the sentimental touch of it’s cultural architecture and the warm generosity of the people on the streets. I can honestly say that Japan is everything people have ever told me – and more. I didn’t exactly know what to expect as it was my very first time heading to The Land Of The Rising Sun, but it was everything that I’ve ever imagined it to be!  I was lucky to have experienced the wonderful customs and traditions of the country, with ANA Airways, The Westin Resort Rusutsu and Japan’s Sakura Collection 2018.  

They managed to pack in an itinerary that is COMPLETELY out of the mainstream list of things you’d plan to do when in Japan. I got to experience making my own green tea at Ito-en’s factory (Japan’s largest drinks distributor), spend a night in a cubicle/cabin hotel, experience sliding on a man made ice slide (in -1o degrees weather and thin pants), create my own sushi bowl from the fish market w/ just 1000 yen (approx.RM36) given, paid respects in a couple of shrines, and had the most amazing few days of skiing and “cozy-ing” up to the wonderful 2-levels bed and dining hotel room at The Westin. Overall, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else! It isn’t, as I’ve mentioned, what people normally wouldn’t tell you to do in Japan, but if you’re really interested in knowing and experiencing the depths and the out-of-the-city lifestyle – then this list of “to-do’s”will be perfect for you!







Till Part 2! x

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