I’ve changed?


I believe that change can speak both ways – for the better or worst. Either way, it shapes your appeal and how others perceive of you. Through the years I’ve been in the entertainment industry, I’ve grown to love change. Whether it was my personality, job opportunities, or better yet – my sense of style.

Starting my career at 18 with being a rover host for the 8tv Quickie, I didn’t know what to expect and I sure didn’t know how to dress well! It was always the crop tops + flare high school-er looking skirt combo for me (I did NOT appealing at all, trust me). I continued dressing that way till someone started teasing me about my sense of style. If that wasn’t enough, it led on to face and body shaming. Obviously it got to me a whole lot and insecurities on my looks started to increase from what was already a massive issue of mine from before. It didn’t stop.

But I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Took me YEARS before I finally had the ability to find myself a little bit more and what I really stand for. With that, my sense of style followed along and have transformed throughout the journey. The styles that I had chose to wear back in 2015-2016 may not be something that would fit my liking now, but it WAS a part of me and who I was back then. The young, vibrant and loud Alexis. I’m not saying that I don’t speak for those qualities anymore, but I do believe that maturity comes with experience – and throughout my journey, I’ve grown to develop a style that leans on the fun but classy chic edge.


Monochromatic loving

I love going with safe colors. Especially when it comes to days where I don’t feel like dressing up or simply just days where I’ve tried on all sorts of colored outfits but somehow just not feeling it! (Y’know what I mean. Pretty sure most people can relate to this!). Go full on monochromatic with your outfit and accessories for a chic look, especially if you want to look extra tall for the day! (Black elongates and tones your body!) – or simply switch it up a little with a bright colored bag or shoes to give the outfit some extra “zest”!



Color blocking

I personally think it’s a risky trend to go with but once you’re able to chose the right color and prints to mix – you’ll nail the style that the fashion world use to think would be a flop! I wasn’t all too sure about my choices for this outfit but I did know that I wanted to “embrace” the KL heat by wearing a sunny color! Found this vintage pencil skirt from my mom’s closet and decided to pair it with a blue semi haltered checked top cause I knew I had a pair of blue stillets to match it with! Don’t know if you can tell, but the skirt is pretty obviously wayyy to big for me, hence the black buckled belt and a black clutch to match it!



Casual chic

Is it me or am I just wearing too much checked tops these days?!

I absolutely loved this outfit even though it may seem casual to some! I guess for me, a casual day of running errands or just 2 hours out for lunch would look like this. A low ponytail, simple off shouldered top, a small boxed tote from #guess and of course – a pair of SUPER stretchy bottoms/ jeans! We wouldn’t wanna be forever conscious about some up skirt problems if we’re running around throughout that busy day, do we?



That LBD

Ah. The oh so famous lifesaver for any girl in the world! You can NEVER go wrong with a little black dress anywhere you go! I wore this black bodycon with black stilettos to Buro 247’s Two year anniversary recently – with gold hoops and a messy bun to get a little bit of that sleek look going on!



Corsets are NOT just for burlesque!

Yes, you heard right! Plus, I’m OBSESSED over them! It simply just amps up your outfit from something plain and simple- into something that you’d probably see Gigi Hadid wear! In this picture, I paired an average straight cut dress with the corset to give my body a little more shape. Definitely another great versatile trend that’ll switch your plain outfit up in one go! Wear it with an oversized long T-shirt dress, or something layer it over a white collared shirt. Either way – it’ll get you the perfect “day out” outfit you need! (Plus, it sorta helps with your posture too! You don’t want it to seem like your corset is giving you muffin tops!)









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