2 year old throws KL’s biggest birthday bash?!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a happening two year old until Buro 247 showed up! From renting out a hop on- hop off bus, to throwing one of the biggest birthday bash in KL – within the walls of the St.Regis Kuala Lumpur hotel. With all these being said, the word “insane” may be an understatement towards the thoughts and work that the Buro team put in towards building these two amazing events – within a week apart from each other!


A tourist in our own country?

Believe it or not, the invite for the first #BuroturnsTwo event that was sent to us a week before – did NOT state anything other than the meeting point! How did we know that they were gonna surprise us with a KL hop on hop off tho? We didn’t. But it was pretty obvious on the day itself as there it was – facing the highways of KL was a double decker bus fully plastered in the #BuroturnsTwo “back to school” logo. The theme seemed to amaze all the influencers that came and we all agreed that it was a very clever idea to go with.

After we were given our “school bus tickets” and “lunch boxes”, the bus took us on our ride to the “secret location”. We were greeted by the beautiful city skyline of KL while enjoying the warm afternoon sun by sitting out in the open air area of the bus. A good 15 minutes went by and our bus slowly stopped right in front of Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. “What”? “A mall”? We were definitely confused.


A few small steps towards the entrance led us to what seems to be our first location of the day. COACH Malaysia. There to present to us, was COACH’s newest collection that includes beautiful leather varsity jackets in bright yellow and purple which I personally was OBSESSED over! After a few rounds of unlimited ice cream refills, the Buro team told us that it was time to head over to the next location. With that, the COACH team bid us farewell with a few goodies and before you know it, we were off to our second location!

“OMG” was what everyone literally screamed when they realised where our second location was! The Buro team took us to DIOR beauty and to top that of, told us that we had RM500 to spend on anything. Things couldn’t be better than this, could it?! I was wrong. Our last location was set on the top floor of Pavillion with our very own “Buro Cafe” where we had a table set up just for us! Thanks to the team of Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, we could end our day with an amazing high tea – all from TWG!

“Eventful” would be an understatement of how our day went and I’m pretty sure not one person wasn’t dead beat by the time everyone arrived home. I know I was!



Class in session! 

Alright kids, get to classl! After a “eventful” field trip day with the hope on hop off, we’re now taking the lessons back to the classroom. Possibly the BIGGEST classroom i’ve ever seen or been to! School has never been this happening till Buro showed up with lockers, cheerleaders, report cards, crazy dance floor sessions, different classes like beauty school and unlimited amount of amazing f&b including llao llaos & truffle tries! Overall, it’s safe to say that everyone in the room definitely did not complain about going “back to school” for the day!


With all that has happened this year, the bars are set high for everyone else! We only hope that the 3rd birthday will be just as hyped as the last!

Picture credits : http://www.buro247.my/

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