My personal favorite places to visit in Singapore!


Now if you’re planning on heading down to Singapore soon, be it for a short girly trip, a boys vacay or even a romantic time with your partner – here’s a few  Tips on what to do/ what NOT to do during your trip, and Suggestions on tourist attractions that are worth your $$$, that I would recommend base on my personal experiences!


Scroll down to TOP THREE PLACES I LOVE IN SG if you want to skip reading my annoying bus rant.
If you follow me on Instagram (@alexissueann), you would’ve seen pictures from my short but lovely trip down to Singapore a few weeks back. But like every children’s storybook tale, a happy ending… is BOUND to have a rough beginning (eg: Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin… you know what I mean).

Our day started at 8am, with having to buy last minute bus tickets for a 10.30am coach. Yes, you read correct. Just two hours before our departure. If you’re wondering why we didn’t get a flight there… well… we wonder too. Rushed ourselves to the terminal with two bags on each of us only to find out that it was delayed for another half an hour. ALRIGHT COOL. Bus came and it WASN’T the coach we paid for. Instead, we got a completely different one by the name of PACIFIC EXPRESS. Which by the way, BROKE DOWN AN HOUR LATER with us passengers not being informed by the driver. A couple of the men passengers gathered to find the driver and in the end came back up onto the bus to inform us about the break down (which should be the driver’s job).

Spent almost an hour in the hot sun and after, came to a conclusion that we’d try to catch an Uber there with two other ladies we didn’t even know. Bill to Johor Sentral came up to rm50 each only to find out that all the trains to SG were SOLD OUT for the entire day. Ran around with our bags looking for a Yellow Cab (only cab that takes you across the border) to take us through SG, ONLY TO FIND OUT that Yellow Cabs were only available at a nearby bus station called Larkin. WELL CRAP. Took a normal cab to Larkin only to find out that we’d have to wait at least another two hours to grab one. Ended up running around with our bags once more, trying to find another alternative as we had to be in SG 2 hours ago. One of the girls ended up finding a tremendously run down bus for RM1.50. But hey, better than nothing right? Reached the Johor border and waited another 30 mins to get onto a bus to the SG border. Waited ANOTHER 30 mins for everything to be done before we could rush to our first destination.




Tip: Wear your most comfiest sneakers cause there’s gonna be ALOT of walking!

One of my utmost favorite places of attraction ever since I was a little girl! If you’re into animals and exploring in the dark, then this is the place to be. Now before the hate comes in about animal captivity and how they aren’t free to go in the wild, I gotta say that the animals are ALL kept in clean, well- conditioned “homes” that looks JUST as well as a real jungle! The Night Safari Team has done such an amazing job in keeping the animals as far away as possible from any human activities and because of that, we weren’t able to shout or speak loudly & take any clear pictures of them as flash photography is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Safari except the entrance!

This may not make a whole lot of sense now because of how I mentioned earlier that the animals are kept away from human activities, but what I love most about this place is that you ACTUALLY get a chance to get up- close to some of the more tamed animals like the deers and ant eaters, at the same time not disturb them in their territory by taking the tramp around. Do note that without the train, you aren’t allowed to venture into the tracks where the animals are free to roam! If you’re one that’s up for more exploring and don’t mind walking , grab a map and start walking onto the different routes of the safari! While some routes takes you to the “bosses” of the jungle (Lions, Elephants, Hyenas etc), the others lead to gentle cuddlier creatures (Flying squirrels, otters etc). Either way, it’s definitely a place you cannot miss!





Tip: Purchase fast-track passes if you want to skip lining up!

What else is there to say about this place? It literally needs no introduction! Been to the park four times and STILL get excited each and every time I go back! Whether you’re 8 or 80, there’s bound to have an attraction for you one way or another!

If you’re not an adrenaline junkie and aren’t too fond of rides that’ll make your heart beat 10 times faster, try out rides like Shrek 4D in Far Far Away Land and Elmo’s Spaghetti Meatball Chase! Not exactly the best rides to get your heart pumping but definitely are still super fun family rides you can enjoy with your younger siblings or grandparents!

But what if you’re into scary rides? EVEN BETTER. There is AT LEAST one adrenaline pumping ride in each section of the park and I personally love and strongly recommend The Mummy & Cyclone (Blue route of the Battleship Galactica). However as I have mentioned above, the main tip is to get a fast track pass as the more popular rides like these tend to have you queue for AT LEAST 50 mins each. Lucky for us, Resort World Sentosa was kind enough to give us fast track passes which got us onto rides in less than 10 mins each! So my advice? You know what tickets to get if you’re an impatient “waiter” (;




Tip: Bring a good camera along! You wouldn’t want to miss out on 1826251 photo opportunities!

EVERYTHING about this place screams Instagram! The amount of incredible pictures you can take there is just unbelievable. From Diamond lights that flashes according to the beat of a song, to coloring your own car or animal and seeing it come to life on the wall – this is a place that you wouldn’t want to miss! PS: A new NASA themed floor is open to the public now!




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