Why we don’t talk anymore!

If you’ve been keeping up with me on my social media platforms (@alexissueann on Instagram), you would know that I recently completed on my VERY FIRST song cover with Adam Izzy on Youtube!

It may not be much to some people, it may not be up to the standards of established YouTube singers, but it definitely was something that we put our hearts and souls into making. Countless of hours was spent both the song AND the video – from brainstorming¬† & planning sessions; producing/recording and finally to the actual shoot of the video. Needless to say, we’re happy it paid off.



To cut the long story short, I noticed that a couple of my friends were going through some serious break ups. Wait, let me rephrase that. Not a couple of them. MANY (there will always be a breakup season every year for some reason). You see, there will always be couples that would break up by saying harsh things to each other before they end things, AND there will be couples that would break up on good terms w/ valid reasons.

One thing both kinds of couples have in common? There will ALWAYS be a time when an ex-couple would want to contact each other. To express themselves, but I personally am a stubborn being and I’m sure most of you are too, in a sense where we would sometimes be dying to call/text someone and end up not doing it ’cause you rather not face the consequences of one thing. REJECTION.

“I don’t want to text him”, “She’s not into me anymore, so lets just leave it”, “He didn’t text me anyways, he probably found some other girl” are just some of the thoughts we normally have before we decide to text someone we use to be together with.

This video doesn’t exist

My question to you though? Does it always ends up being what you think it would? That’s for you to find out. Watch the video down below! (;

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