Hello, Sunshine!

Mamonde edited


Emceeing duties at Mamonde’s official launch the other day never made me feel more alive! I mean let’s be honest, no girl would ever say no to launching a new beauty brand right?! 

MAMONDE = French word for “My World”

A brand that generates blossoming beauty for every women out there by instilling the essence of flowers. No, you didn’t hear that wrong! The core/key ingredient to ALL the Mamonde products are FLOWERS! Each and every part of a flower, from the roots to the stem – to even the petals are use to create both the makeup AND skincare products.

FACT: Did you know that flowers balances your skin’s moisturization and oil production? (Don’t go plucking flowers from your garden now tho!)

With a vast range of products imported all the way from South Korea, the items prices varies from only RM6- RM169 and, are all available at their counter in AEON 1 Utama – right next to Laneige. Don’t worry about not being able to find it cause its the only BRIGHT yellow counter!

Also, one of the most exciting news that our media friends and bloggers received at the event was a video from Mamonde’s Brand Ambassador, Park Shin Hye! You may know her from the crazy famous K-drama “Doctors”. That however wasn’t the best part. What got everyone excited was the fact that she announced about a trip down to Malaysia this October! Don’t know the exact date yet but you can always follow Mamonde’s FB page for more updates?

Will be doing a review on the products I got from Mamonde, some time soon! So stay tuned!


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