Ice ice, baby!


If someone comes up to you and says that you cant break the rules, show them this post and beg to differ alright? For 16 Centuries, champagne have been known to be the sparkly drink that signals signs of glamour.

If you’ve ever tried sipping on that bubbly or are a huge fan of it, I’m pretty sure you’d know to follow the NUMBER 1 NOT-TO-DO rule in order to fully enjoy the richness of the drink. NEVER put ice into your champagne, yes? It’ll RUIN the fine delicate aromas of the drink, yes?


Thanks to Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia, I was lucky enough to be 1 out of the 10 girls, to witness the official launch of the brand new Moet Ice Imperial. The world’s first-ever champagne that REQUIRES you to have your drink with a few blocks of ice cubes – without spoiling the exquisite taste of the drink! A perfect choice to rock the summer or just simply to enjoy a nice outdoor gathering with your close ones!

We were taken out to sea for an intimate yacht party and was greeted with a Flyboard & Jetski Stuntmen (which came out of nowhere btw), to reveal Moet’s Ice Imperial for the VERY FIRST TIME in Malaysia! Believe me, you wouldn’t know how surprised I was when they mentioned we could drop a few icy cubes in! With the help of adding some of my chosen fruits (I picked peach and blueberries), the intense fruity and smooth yet fresh taste of the drink left me speechless at how AMAZING it tasted (still craving for more even till now!).

Along with some snack munching bonding sessions, and a WHOLE lot of picture taking action – the day flew by in a jiff! I really couldn’t have asked for more. The Moet Team put in such great effort into making each and every one of the influencers feel like they had the best summer vacay – even if it was just for a couple of hours.




Moet Ice Imperial is available at: 

  1. Selected premium clubs ie: Fuze KL
  2. Beach bars ie: Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu 

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