What’s next?



Some of you may have known me through The 8tv Quickie back in 2014, and some of you through Hitzfm as one of their primetime announcer. 

Winning the Hitz Announcer Search back in 2015 had moved me to higher grounds and had definitely opened me up to a second family. The Hitz Familia. I can honestly tell you that being on Hitz for the past year and a little more was one of the BEST time I’ve ever had by far. From the Gotcha calls we would pull of for you guys (or from them to me haha), to the random dancing and singing sessions with the Hitz boys in the Studio, and of course who could forget the best part of the job? Being able to know YOU better when I picked up those calls.

I love what I do. Hosting programs, Emcee at events. I will never regret been in this industry but here’s the thing tho……..deep down there was something else I wanted to do. Something that had interested me from my younger days. Something I have not ventured into yet. Something that I just need to do – to fulfil my passion; MY LOVE FOR FASHION.


So from this day onwards, I challenge YOU to follow me on a journey that allows not only me, but US, to learn and conquer new things together; each and every day. Trust me when I say that YOU will definitely be one of the first to see “The Latest” of ‘EVERYTHING’ –  be it the newest in cafe & food attractions, the hottest & current beauty product in the market, the most “in-trend” outfits and what’s happening in my daily life. Be a part of me and walk through this passage together. 


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